Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Instant Adult - William McKinley Overhiser

Instant Adult - William McKinley Overhiser
Hundreds the South Haven Tribune reported attended Albert’s funeral on May 17, 1915.  It was held at the farm and Reverend Breidenstein conducted the service.  The pallbearers were neighbors (Bert Van Blarcum, Guy Hurlbut, E. Lyman, Roy Lyman, Will Ely and John Marshall).  Just 22 days prior the same South Haven paper reported that Leisure had won a softball game with Spring Hill 10 to 1.  Albert had played second base and his 17-year-old son Bill played shortstop.  I also expect that some of the pallbearers played on that team.  All his life Grandpa Bill followed the ups and downs of the Detroit Tigers.

Bill did his Grammar School at Iddles in Casco Township and at Bradentown Flordia.  In the 10th grade (1913) at South Haven High School Bill became good friends with Earl (Tob) Trowbridge and Tob's sister Edna.  To help out the family, Edna worked and did not attend her junior or senior year of High School.  The Class of 1915 had 39 graduates and listed Bill as planning to attend Purdue University. However, after graduations Bill had to take over the farm operations because of Albert’s tragic death.  Like some other young people, 17 year old Bill became an instant adult in May 1915. 

On September 15, 1915 Bill (William McKinley Overhiser 12-25-1896/12-27-1969) married his High School sweetheart, Edna Mildred Trowbridge (9-20-1895/12-7-1991).  This September (2010) I will start sharing information about Bill and Edna the third generation of fruit farmers.  Enjoy your summer, Martin Overhiser

At the Farm July 6, 2010
Because of the warm spring weather we now have the fruit coming on about two weeks earlier than normal.  Sweet and sour cherries are almost finished but available at the retail location for another week or two.  Allan is predicting that Red Haven peaches will be ripe by the July 24th weekend.  Some early peaches should be ready by July 17.  

At the retail location (109th Ave and 64th St) a small animal barn is being constructed.  When finished later this month the kids will be taking care of chickens, ducks, rabbits, kittens, goats, sheep and maybe a pig.  So if your kids or grand kids want to see and play with some farm animals take them to PICK fruit AND PET animals.

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