Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Memories

Summer Memories
Like a recurring dream, I fall asleep in June and wake up in September year after year after year.  June - summer starts, July - cherries, August - peaches, September apples and summer ends.  The basis for my dream started in the 1950's.  Is this a dream or am awake living through another summer reality show?  Some of my recurring summer dreams/memories include:
  • Green trees, blossoms, flowers, fruits and falling leaves
  • Dusty roads and farm lanes
  • Harvesting summer fruits
  • A huge dirt ring around the bathtub 
  • Family gatherings and big Sunday dinners
  • Playing, camping and swimming in the Black River
  • Drive-in restaurants and movie theaters
  • Bike rides to get a Pepsi at Riley's Store
  • Playing baseball and listening to the Tigers on radio
  • Cottage time for fishing and boating
  • Swimming in lakes, rivers, ponds and pools
  • Preparing for School
As kids growing up on fruit farms in the 1950's we were fully involved in the harvest schedule.  Work was never done, just put off until the next day.  The family worked hard  but found times to play a bit.  I cherish the memories and am thankful I was part of a fruit farm family.  May we all harvest fond memories.
Martin Overhiser September 11, 2011

At The Farm In September 
U-Pick apples, cider, pumpkins, animals and a whole lot more are at the farm.  Cider will be pressed this week and available weekend of September 20/21.  Plan a trip to the farm and visit South Haven or Saugatuck and walk the beach.  The kids are back in school and busy with sports.  Weekends throughout the summer were very busy so Allan, Kim and Lucy (retail sales) are enjoying a little slower pace.