Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November For Remembering

November For Remembering
Today (Nov 1) is All Saints' Day for Western Christians.  It is also granddaughter Evvy's 8th birthday.  Before the 600s A.D. a pagan festival was celebrated on Nov 1 as a time when the border between the dead and the living was especially porous and ghosts were believed to walk among the living.

Other modern day November celebrations include Veterans Day and Remembrance Day in Canada (Nov 11) and Thanksgiving Day in the U. S. (Nov 24 this year).  All of these days are set aside for thanksgiving and remembrance of loved one, veterans and successful harvest.

This month take time at a meal with family or friends to call out the names of loved ones who have gone on ahead of us.  These Saints helped mold who we are.

Also, be mindful of the personal encounters or events you might be experiencing for the last time.  This could include a conversation with your favorite aunt or uncle.  You may be holding a new born or changing the diaper of a grand child for the last time.  You may be walking amongst the red woods or on a beach for the last time.  Cherish those moments and be thankful.