Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Building Begins 1915

Family Building Begins -1915
Bill and Edna had very similar upbringings.  Edna's two sisters ((Mable and Bess) and her brother (Tobe) were very close  and supported each other during their adult years.  Tobe did not marry while the  three sisters all married and raised families.  A fun loving spirit was part of Trowbridge family life.  Tobe and Edna both had the gift of humor. The Trowbridge farm was the main gathering place for celebrating special events.  With the  15 Sept 1915 wedding, Bill took a wife and got adopted into the Trowbridge family. 

The family building cycle started up again just like it had for generations one (Henry/Sarah) and two (William Albert/Alta/Daisy).  Kids were born, kids grew up on the farm, kids worked in the fields, played in the barn, fed the animals, and walked through the woods to Iddles School.  For the 3rd generation there were many advances.  Gas powered vehicles, electricity, many many household conveniences, and all the modern stuff in town (South Haven).

Bill and Edna worked hard and became valued community members.  Close relationships were established with nearby farm families that lasted throughout the rest of their life.  Edna was very fond of children.  This fact was attested to by my mother June when she sent me a 50th birthday card on 7-11-1990, "When we were coming home from the hospital, Grandma Edna held you and put you up to the window at every house we passed so all of the neighbors could see our new beautiful baby."  Edna must have been very excited when my Dad Albert arrived 17 Dec 1916.  Below are Bill and Edna's children.
  • Albert Wayne 17Dec1916/2Dec2008
  • Kenneth McKinley 28Nov1919/1954
  • Doris Mae (Adkin) 6Nov1921/4Feb2009
  • Thomas Edward 10Dec1923/21Oct2005
  • Janet Joyce (Brown) 8Jan1928
  • William Douglas 5 Feb1936/30May2009 
Remember to eat your fruit,
Martin Overhiser (first grand child of Bill and Edna Overhiser)

At The Farm November 4, 2010
The election has come and gone and all my brother Allen (current Township Supervisor) needed to do was vote.  The Township Clerk's job was held for 69 years by grandpa Bill (1935-64), our dad Albert (1964-88) and then Allen (1988-2004).  Because this is a part time job, voter registration was housed in the enclosed front porch of Bill and Edna's house and the house that Allan and I lived in while growing up.  One ballot issue in Casco Township this year was the passage of a park millage.  The Township has just completed purchasing a 9 acre parcel on Blue Star Highway with 300' of frontage on Lake Michigan.

Much of the farm has been put to bed for the winter but trimming has begun and will continue until next spring.  The kids are busy in school and with sports.  Aaron played tight end for the Fennville 7-8th grade football team (4-2).  He caught several passes until he had surgery on his right thumb.  He plans to play basketball as soon as the cast comes off in a couple of weeks.