Thursday, July 5, 2012

School Boy AllanO

School Boy Allan O
Mother June taught at Lincoln Elementary in the South Haven system.  Allan attended the Fennville schools.  Summers were times for hard work.  Albert took charge of the farm in 1961 and bought the first cherry shaker in 1970.  Allan remembers he, his Dad (Albert), and a crew would shake their tart cherries and the orchards of others during most of the month of July.  That was a rush rush hot hot harvest time.  August was the peach harvest month then back to school.  He belonged to a 4 H club, church group, and spent lots of time with his older cousin Scott Evans.  When Martin and Chuck's kids would come to visit Allan was the activities director and tried to keep the snowmobiles and horses running.

In 1974- 75 Allan's class was split into two sessions because a new high school was being built.  It was a fun time with classes in the morning and golf in the afternoons.  Cousin Scott's class was the first to graduate from the new high school building.  In high school, Allan played basketball and baseball for 4 years, golf for 3 years and football for 1 year.  In 1976 Mom and Dad bought a newish Chevy from Uncle Dutch (Ralph) Evans.  Allan (age 16) was given the family car (1970 Chevy Bell Air) to drive.  Of course, Allan had been driving farm equipment and play equipment most of his life.  Kim Myers was in Allan's class and they started dating their senior year.  Tune in next month and learn if that romance flourishes. 

At The Farm July 5, 2012
Remember, no u-pick this summer.  The sour cherries that survived the freeze are being pitted and will be available fresh this weekend (July 6-8) and then frozen pitted tart cherries will be available as long as they last.  There will be some peaches for sale at the retail building starting the end of July.  Plans are to be open weekends (Fri, Sat & Sun) for most of the growing season.  The animal barn is stocked and fruit and vegetables will be for sale at the stand.

Because of the frozen harvest, the farm is receiving the best most complete trimming it has ever had.  Allan's smaller than normal summer crew will also be working on several deferred maintenance and improvement projects.  The kids are playing sports and working on the farm.