Friday, June 1, 2012

It's A Boy! - 1960

It's A Boy! - 1960
I (Martin) graduated from South Haven in 1958 and brother Charles in 1959.  Our mother June was teaching.  Albert "drove truck" and helped Grandpa Bill run the farms.  In the fall of 1959 Chuck and I were both attending MSU.  Monthly, a laundry box containing dirty white shirts would be shipped home.  Mom would wash, starch, iron and ship them back because sweaters over white shirts were what we wore on campus.  One of those boxes contained a 7 page letter.  On page 7 Mom said, "guess what, you are going to have a new brother or sister".
The birth occurred on January 4, 1960.  If Allan Wade Overhiser had not joined the family the fruit farm may not have passed to a 5th generation.  When June returned to teaching, Albert's sister Doris Adkin cared for Allan.  In 1998 that same Aunt Doris helped care for Allan and Kim's quadruplets.  For us older brothers, Allan was like a nephew.  Many of Allan's first cousins were older.  Scott Evans, Judy Brown, Jeff and Ed Overhiser and the Peet girls- Nan and Pam were closer to his age.

Preschool days for the future farmer were filled with farm life, included always having a dog and cats.  As he got older his play things included tractors, ponies and snowmobiles.  At age 12, during the month of July, he was a full time member of Albert's tart cherry shaking crew.    Allan's 8 nieces and nephews joined the family between 1963 and 1971 (Martin and Chuck's children).  They recall Allan being a very easy going young uncle who did not get annoyed when his spaces were invaded or his toys and pets mishandled.

Christmas vacation 1961 Albert, June and the three boys traveled to Kissimmee Florida to visit Grandpa and Grandma Evans.  This was the first family trip with the three boys.  Allan was almost one and talking.  Homer Evans recalled him saying "fix my bottle and put me to bed".  The second extended trip with the three "boys" would have been to the Wisconsin Dells in 1972 to see the Tommy Bartlett Water Show.  This would have included Mom, Dad, Allan, Chuck's family (6) and our family (6).  At the time, Chuck and family lived in Waukegan and we lived in Plymouth, MN.  The third and final Albert and June vacation with the "boys" would be 1989 to Las Vegas to celebrate Albert and June's 50 wedding anniversary.

Enjoy the photos of young Allan. 

At The Farm June 1, 2012
Starting in July the retail building will be open on weekends only and stocked with fruits and vegetables from the farm or neighboring farms.  The petting barn will also be housing animals.  THERE WILL BE NO U-PICK THIS SUMMER.

The April freeze destroyed all the sweet cherries, apples and pears.  A few tart cherries and peaches did survive and these will be sold at the farm as will pumpkins in the fall.  For the Casco area, the freeze was similar to the 1945 freeze but not as bad as the 1906 fall freeze that killed all the fruit trees.  Just like baseball, there is always hope that the crops will be better next year.

Adam, Alex, Kelsy and Kortny have graduated from 8th grade and will join Aaron at the Fennville High School next year.  All the kids are enjoying their sports.  Aaron will be playing summer basketball and is dunking at age 15.