Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Casco Kids Start Arriving

The Casco Kids Start Arriving

During the 1960s and 70s Allan Wade was the only kid living on the farm.  Then in the 80s and most of the 90s there were no kids on the farm.  The farm was home for several cats and dogs but for some 36 years no kids.  In to their 30s Allan and Kim got some fertility help and in the spring of 1997 God sent a boy.  Aaron William was born at 6:16 a. m. on December 9 that year.  He weighed in at 9 pound and 13.7 ounces and was 23".  Mom and Dad were impressed with his big hands and long fingers and big feet.  The AWO initials were chosen to keep with the family tradition.  The first day home he slept through the night.  Kim reports that Aaron is still skilled at sleeping especially in the mornings.  In all his doctor visits he was off the charts above average size wise.  

There had always been grand kids at the farm for special occasions but now there was daily excitement that comes from playing with and care for inquisitive youngsters.  Aunt Doris Overhiser Adkin was a frequent helper.  Doris was Albert's sister who had fond memories of growing up on the farm.  On February 9, 1997 Aaron was baptized by Pastor Tupper at the Casco United Methodist Church.  Grandma and Grandpa Myers were there along with Grandpa Albert.  Grandma June was in her final day of fighting cancer and left us on March 3, 1997.  The circle of life was continuing.  In July he learned to crawl and was able to get to the sweet cherry lugs and grab a hand full.  He also liked helping Allan drive the tractors.  Aaron enjoyed being the center of attention but was about to be surrounded with siblings.  We will cover that story next time.

At the farm April 1, 2013 
It has been a cold March and the fruit trees are just stating to wake up.  You will remember March 2012 when it was one of the hottest ever.  Trees started budding out and then got zapped by the killing spring freeze in April.  We all hope and pray this will be a normal weather year.

All five high school kids played basketball this year and are becoming very good.  The height and athletic ability of Allan and Kim has been passed along.  First born Aaron is a sophomore and the quads are freshmen.  Aaron had a fabulous basketball season.  At 6' 5" and size 16 shoes he occupied a large space under the basket.  He was named to the All State Class C sophomore first team and to his All Conference Team.  The time is coming when Fennville may have Aaron, Adam and Alex playing on the same team.  Kelsy and Kortny will also be on the team together.  Now if there is a co-ed league the Casco Kids would take on all comers.  Aaron now has his drivers license so is relieving Allan and Kim of some of the taxi driving.  Below see Aaron get the board and then score the bucket in the District Tournament.  He also got a hug from Jessica Solis.

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